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Find FAQ’s as well as information on our rules.


4% Daily Loss Limit (hard breach)
8% Max Drawdown (hard breach)-2 phase
5% Max Trailing Drawdown (hard breach)-1 phase
Must place a trade once every 30 days (hard breach)
Stop-loss required for each trade (soft breach)
Flat for the weekend — all positions closed on Friday at 3:45PM EST (soft breach)
Maximum open positions must not exceed 1/3333 th the size of the Assessment account (soft breach) – 2 phase
Maximum open positions must not exceed 1/10000 th the size of the Assessment account (soft breach)- 1 phase

Yes, we allow traders to utilize their Expert Advisors so that they can trade at their best. The exception to this rule is using purchased EA’s that other people may also be utilizing to pass the test.

Daily Loss Limit is calculated based on the previous day’s end of day (5pm EST) balance.
Example: If your prior day’s end of day balance was $1,000,000 you would breach the Daily Loss Limit of 4% should your equity the next day fall to $960,000.

Maximum drawdown is the maximum your account can drawdown before you would hard breach your account. When you open the account, your Max Drawdown is set at 8% of your starting balance. This will be static for the life of the account.

Hard breach is a breach of our rules such as ‘Maximum Loss’, or ‘Maximum Daily Loss’ that result in a failure of the challenge.

Soft breach is a breach of some of our rules such as Stop Loss rule that results in the trade profit being discounted but does not disqualify you from the challenge or receiving funding.

There is Zero hidden rules, everyone on our website and listed in our Terms and Conditions covers our rules. We are looking for real traders that can return consistent profits and benefit us and the trader. We are not looking to catch people out and take their challenge money.
There is no Consistency rules either. You can pass as quickly as you like or take as long as you like.

We have put together a challenge that has no minimum, and no maximum trading days. This means you can take as little time to as much time as you want to pass the test. You could pass the same day or you could pass over the next 3 months.
We don’t want to force you to trade out of your comfort zone and this is one of the biggest and most asked for things we saw in the market.

By default, stop losses are require on our challenges. Because we offer real funds and real live accounts, we need to ensure our traders utilize proper risk management. We do however, let you pay an additional fee at checkout if you would like to remove stop losses.
If you place a trade without a stop loss it will be closed by our system and be classed as a soft breach. So please ensure you place your stop loss when you open the trade, not after.

We offer unlimited trading days for challenges, however if you do not place a trade at least once every 30 days on the challenge account, we will consider the account to be inactive and it will count as a hard breach and be failed.

Below are the maximum open lots across all pairs that a trader can have at any given time.
$25K – 7.5 lots with risk
$50K – 15 lots with risk
$100K – 30 lots with risk
$250K – 75 lots with risk
$500K – 150 lots with risk
$1 million – 300 lots with risk
For example, if you are in the $100k plan, you will be able to have 30 open lots with risk available.
If you buy 20 lots of EURUSD at 1.20 and your stop loss is at 1.18, you will have 20 lots on with risk, so you would have 10 still available. If the EURUSD moves up to 1.25, and you update your stop loss to be at 1.20, which would be your open price, you no longer have risk on that trade. So, you would again have 30 lots available, even though you currently have 20 lots open.
If you put on too many trades with risk, then our system will liquidate all trades that currently have risk.
Please note, margin and leverage requirements still apply. So, even though these are the maximum lots that can be traded, it is possible based on the leverage of the account that you may not be able to trade up the maximum.
(For 1-phase the leverage is 1/3, so the max open lots is also 1/3)

You are allowed to trade all instruments that are offered by our partnered broker EightCap. This includes FX, CFD, Indices, Metals, Equities, and Cryptocurrency.

By default, we require all trades to be closed by 3:45pm EST on Fridays, if trades are left open our system will automatically close them. This is a soft breach and will not affect your ability to complete the challenge.
You can add the ability to hold over the weekend at checkout and this rule will not apply to you.

You are allowed to trade during news.

The rules on the funded account are exactly the same as the rules on the assessment account.

Maximum Trailing drawdown is the maximum your account can drawdown before you would hard breach your account. When you open the account, your Max Trailing Drawdown is set at 5% of your starting balance. This 5% trails your closed trading balance until you reach 5% profits in your account. Once you have achieved 5% in your account the max trailing locks in at your starting balance, and no longer trails your account.

Example: If your starting balance is $100,000, you can drawdown to $95,000 before you would violate the Maximum Trailing Drawdown rule. Then for example let’s say you take your account to $102,000 in closed balance. This is your new high-water mark, which would mean your new Maximum Trailing Drawdown would be $97,000. Next, let’s say you take your account to $110,000 in closed balance, which would be your new high-water mark. At this point your Maximum Trailing Drawdown would be locked in at your starting balance of $100,000. So, regardless of how high your account goes, you would only breach this rule if your account drew back down to $100,000 (note, you can still violate the Daily Loss Limit). For example, if you take your account to $170,000, as long as you do not drawdown more than 4% in any given day, you would only breach if your account equity reaches $100,000.

Traders can request a withdrawal of profits at any time in their trader dashboard, but no more frequently than once per thirty (30) days. So, if you make profits on day one in your live account you can request a withdrawal. Additionally, if you want to leave profits in the account and let them compound to scale your account you have the flexibility to do so. Upon requesting a withdrawal, your account will be locked until the withdrawal is approved.

When a withdrawal is approved, we will also withdraw our share of the profits and your max drawdown will lock in at your starting balance. Therefore, you are entitled to a full withdrawal, however in doing so, you will forfeit the funded account.

Your withdrawal will be reviewed and processed within 1-3 business days.


To get funded you must successfully complete one of our challenges, after completion you will be given access to your funding account.

We currently offer account sizes of $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $200,000, $400,000 and $500,000.

You are able to request a withdrawl at any time, and any profit but only once per month.  To withdraw you need to login to the trader dashboard.

The trader is able to keep 80% (75% for Phase 1) of the profit they have made from trading our accounts.  You are not responsible for any losses incurred on these accounts.

The challenge fee is not refundable, it is a one-time fee.

You are allowed as many challenges as you like, however you are only able to have one size of challenge open at once.  For example you cannot have 2X $500,000 challenges going concurrently, but you can have a $500,000 and a $400,000 at the same time.

You do not need any previous experience, as the time length to become a successful trader varies drastically.  You are able to take the challenge when you feel ready.

If you experience a hard breach whilst funded with us and your account has profit in it, you will receive your portion of the profits.  For example, if you have a $100,000 account and you grow that account to $110,00.  Should you then have a hard breach we would close the account.  Of the $10,000 in profits, you would be paid your 80% portion ($8,000).

No, a funded trader is not liable for any losses that may occur on the account.  We take the risk and cover the losses, you generate profit and take 80% of the profits.

We use the RAW accounts from EightCap.  These accounts have commission charges for Forex and Equity Share CFD’s.  The other products do not carry a commission.

In line with sound risk management practices, we allow up to 30:1 leverage.

  • Forex and Metals are 30:1 (1:10 for Phase 1)
  • Indices are 10:1
  • Equity Shares are 5:1
  • Cryptos are 2:1

The trading hours are set by EightCap, you can see these by right clicking on any product in your M4 or M5 market watch and selecting specifications in the dropdown.
It is worth noting that holidays may have an impact on trading hours.
We will also close all trades at 3:45pm EST on Fridays, as in line with our ‘No holding trades over the weekend rule’, unless you have purchased the holding over the weekend add on at checkout.
You can add the ability to hold over the weekend at checkout and this rule will not apply to you.

All countries, excluding OFAC listed countries, can take part in our program.

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase a challenge.

We aim to send out our challenge details as well as access to our dashboard within a minute of purchase.

We work with a company called Deel to issue trader agreements and process withdrawals of profits. Upon passing your Assessment, you will receive an email from Deel with instructions on how to access and complete your Trader Agreement. Once the agreement is completed and supporting Know Your Customer documents provided, your Funded account will be created, funded and issued to you typically within 24-48 business hours.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via discord, telegram, Instagram or live chat and our team will get back to you as quickly as we can.

No. trading styles deemed malicious include, but are not limited to:
• Exploiting errors or latency in the pricing and/or platform(s) provided by the Broker
• Utilizing non-public and/or insider information
• Front-running of trades placed elsewhere
• Trading in any way that jeopardizes the relationship Prop Account has with a broker or may result in the cancelling of trades
• Trading in any way that creates regulatory issues for the Broker
• Utilizing any third-party strategy, off-the-shelf strategy or one marketed to pass assessment accounts
• Utilizing one strategy to pass an assessment and then utilizing a different strategy in a funded account.
There are a number of companies marketing and selling off-the-shelf products aimed at passing Evaluations/Funded Challenges. This is NOT a representation of a profitable trader and falls under Malicious Practices. 

For a full list of Prohibited Trading Activities, please see our Terms & Conditions.

Yes, upon purchasing an Assessment, you will receive access to a trader dashboard where you can monitor your Assessment and Funded accounts. The dashboard is updated every time we calculate metrics, which occurs roughly every 60 seconds. It is your responsibility to monitor your breach levels.

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